What Is The Telephone For Delta Airlines Reservations?


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Delta Airlines have offices and reservations lines across the world, as their services can be used in many different countries and continents across the globe. This means there is a large number of contact telephone numbers for the company.
A general phone number that may be of help to those in the USA looking for help on reservations for a destination also in the USA is 800-221-1212. Another way of reaching this department is by calling 404-765-5000.
If you are a Sky Miles member and want to enquire about Delta reservations, then you will require a different number altogether, which is 800-323-2323.
If you are living in the USA but wish to speak to Delta Airlines Reservations about travelling somewhere internationally (anywhere except the USA) then you can use any of these two telephone numbers: 800-241-4141 or 404-765-5000.
Delta Airlines have a telephone number for each and every situation and department, and depending on how many people travelling, you may have to call a different number altogether. If you're in the USA but need to book for a party of 10 or more to fly nationally or internationally, you will need to call 800-532-4777 or 800-337-4777 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday to make a group booking.
If you wish to make a Delta Airlines reservation from another part of the world other than the USA, then you will need to find the number that is most local to where you are. You can do this by visiting this link: You will need to find your continent or area and then find the correct number from the list given to you, and you'll find many options to choose from, which helps you find the correct department easily.
Most of Delta Airlines reservation lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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You have to specifically tell the country where you are calling from. For example, if you are calling from China, then the phone numbers are   
Beijing   010-5879-7468
Guangzhou 020-8130-6292
Hong Kong 852-2620-6678
Shanghai 021-6119-6996
If you are calling from Japan then the numbers are
Japan   Tokyo   03-3593-6666
All Other Cities 0120-333-742

For the list of all countries and their number, check
Delta Reservation
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Pittsburgh penn.
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Los Angeles ca
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Telephone # for delta airlines

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