What Is Standard Operating Procedure Of Front Office In A Hotel Industries?


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The front office, or front of house as it is otherwise known, is probably one of the most important jobs within the hotel industry. This is because it is the central hub from where everything else radiates.

  • Standard operating procedure for front of house
This will differ from one establishment to the next in order to comply with an individual hotel, or chain of hotels' policies. However, there are some basic operations that, although the method may be slightly different, the objective is the same.

First and foremost, whoever is in placed within the front office is the face of the hotel. This person may be the first person that the hotel guest has any contact with and so the impression that is given here is going to be a lasting one.

This means that customer service skills have got to take precedent over any other issues. This does not mean that the guest rules with an iron fist and that anything goes, to the detriment of the hotel; instead it means that the face of the front office must be able to deal with the most difficult of situations in a calm, competent and pleasant manner so that the guest is left feeling that their interests were put first.

  • Administration duties
A standard operation procedure for a hotel's front office is also taking responsibility for some of the administration. Naturally, the bigger the hotel the more staff there will be to deal with these things, but as everything will initially go through the front office it will be the responsibility of the person here to ensure that all things reach the right member of staff.

Naturally, telephone enquiries are also part of the role.

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