What Is The Function Of Front Office In Hotel Industries?


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Do's and don'ts in hotel front office?

In order to stay safe in hotels and the hotel property, it is important that you follow all hotel rules and regulations. But as well as these, below are some do's and don'ts that will help you stay safe when staying in a hotel abroad.

• Do's.

Always shut and lock your door when you are inside. Use the chain also. It doesn't matter whether you are only inside for five minutes.

If your hotel key card came in a little cardboard folder then you should get rid of this and definitely not carry it around with you. This will avoid strangers being able to know where to find you.

Have fun whilst you are away, but in moderation. Don't get completely wasted and then stumble through the streets trying to find your hotel. Drunk tourists are easy targets for muggings.

Contact the hotel's reception desk if you think there is anything wrong or odd about your room. If you see anyone hanging around that looks suspicious, then report it to the desk and insist (if you must) then someone investigates that person.

• Don'ts.

Try to avoid taking expensive pieces of jewelery with you on holiday. If you have to, then keep them locked in the hotel safe, usually found in the wardrobe, when you are not wearing them.

Don't leave any valuable items on show in your room. You may not want to take your laptop with you everywhere but sometimes it is necessary. Try locking it in your hotel safe if you really don't want to take it with you.

Don't let strangers into your hotel room. This includes the hotel staff if they come knocking on your door. Use the little peep hole in the door to see who is there. Don't order room service, but if you don't want to go to a restaurant then pick up some food outside the hotel and take it to your room.
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Duties and responsibilities of a front desk are as follows:-
1. To welcome the arriving guests.
2. Providing information service.
3. Receiving and processing reservations
4. Filling of the arrival and departure register.
5. Dealing with complaints and handling them.
6. Communication and coordination with other departments.
7.Answering of phone calls and enquires.
Are some main duties of front office executive
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The function of the front office is to receive guests and make sure their stay in your hotel is comfortable. The client should be taken to their room and if the room is not to their liking the front office should try and accommodate them better. The front office takes care of bookings and payments. The front office also liaises with the rest of the staff to ensure everything runs well.
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The front desk staff will take reservations by phone, cancel reservations, check in guests, check guests out, and keep the front desk area and lobby clean and presentable. As a front desk agent, you may be required to help in other areas of the hotel, such as housekeeping, during busy seasons or if staff is short-handed. You will be responsible for large amounts of money, authorizing guest refunds, and taking care of any guest complaints or room issues. The front desk supervisor also will work the front desk and may be responsible for scheduling the work days and hours for the other front desk staff.

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The function of the front office is to receive regular guest
booking report & make sure their stay your hotel. The front office  takes care of guest notification, creates invoice
reports, automatic email checking and much more. It is simplifies your manual
efforts & gives you automated solution  on the financial reporting, sales related
reporting and even by creating analytical reporting.

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