How Do I Check My Pin Number. On My Green Dot Card?


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Green Dot cards are highly similar to credit or debit cards and are distributed only in the United States. Green dot cards can be used at over 50,000 retail stores and chains across the states. Purchase made from the card are deducted from the balance stored on the card, and this balance can be increased by paying into it from retail stores, or directly from a pay check if this system of transactions can be set up. For security reasons, the Pin number of a Green Dot card is never on the card, as if the card was then stolen, the thief could easily use it. In addition, if a pin number is forgotten there are usually many security measures that must be passed through in order to retrieve it, as if the pin number fell into the hands of an identity thief, the account could be abused. Green Dot's home page gives information about what to do if you have forgotten your pin number: where if you scroll down, Green dot state that this website is where you should go if you want to change or retrieve your pin: Another method of pin retrieval is to call customer support at 1-866-795-7597 and follow the audio instructions.
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You have to go to your account and sign in. Then go to support and click on change pin and create your pin number.
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You don't have a pin or they don't provide one to you until you create one through your account. What you need to do it go to and then sign in with your account info. Then, you go over to the support tab, hover, go down and hover over Account Settings, go over and click Edit Pin. Then type your desired PIN in twice and click UPDATE! Then you can use that pin for the ATM! But remember, for Greendot there is a $2.50 ATM withdraw fee! Keep that in mind!

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