What are the best ways to make money whilst you're travelling?


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I like to do mystery shopping jobs while traveling. By doing so, I can get a lot of my meals for free, get some fuel reimbursed and occasionally get a free flight or hotel stay. You have to have a great attention to detail and the ability to write well, but it can be fun. Check out mspa.org for a list of companies who will pay for you to shop. They are all free to join. If anyone asks you for money to join or receive information, they are likely a scam.

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Haha that's a really interesting suggestion! Do you have experience doing this whilst travelling? And if so, in which countries?
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Do they normally ask you to pay for what you purchase upfront, and then reimburse you later? (That seems to be the norm in the UK...) And I have to ask, too, are you related to J.D. Salinger?!
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Here are some ideas:
  1. Teach any language that you know that locals would need. - I don't know exactly how this goes. I heard that it is popular and that you have to be creative about any kind of teaching.
  2. Teach any skill that you're good at (or with that skill you can get a job). E.g.: Dancing, Yoga, Cooking, etc.
  3. Use CraigsList. To get inspiration on how to use this site, Craigslist Joe is a movie of a man who lived a month off this site.
  4. Mystery Shopping.
  5. Have an online business to support a part (or all) of your expenses. It's like a backup plan. Use ShareDesk to find a workplace (for a fee), or use a WIFI antenna to bust your internet signal so you don't have to pay any cappuccinos at McDonalds. PS: When you have access to the internet, make a list with free WIFi hot spots. This will come in handy later on.
  6. Jobs: Bartender, Hostel worker, Waitress/Waiter, Farm worker (Very popular in Australia and New Zealand), Dive instructor (Some certification required), Tour guide, Cruise ship worker, Casino worker, Seasonal worker at ski resorts, Beach Resort Jobs, Online freelance work (@ elance.com or odesk.com).
  7. Volunteer or Work Exchange. This is a great way to find work and in exchange they offer a place to stay / food / some offer money. Sites: Helpx, WWOOF, WorkAway, CIEE, AllianceAbroad, BUNAC, PeaceCorps, InterExchange.

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Great answer, thanks!
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Might check on local rules about things such as tutoring English. I know Russia for one has deported people for doing that without a permit.
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Create ads on Craigslist for your items and services, 4 weeks in advance, updated weekly. Be transparent in writing the only days and times of availability.

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Start a blog and a YouTube channel, then document your travel experiences. You can then monetize both your blog and your YouTube channel with affiliate links and an ad-serving network.

Using a blog and YouTube together is a great idea and can help you start making money very fast.

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Stop at the Duty Free Shop, and sell the merchandise at a markup . .

. . . And yes, This advice was posted just so I could post a video from Seinfeld.

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