What Is The Weather Like In Egypt?


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HOt and Dry
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Egypt is in north Africa and the weather there is hot, sunny and very dry all of the year round. Rain falls regularly only in the North Coast. This only happens during winter and is limited to about 10 centimetres per year.

In other parts of the country rain is very unusual. In Luxor, a large city on the Nile, rain falls for a few minutes on three or four days a year.

Because of the low rainfall and the high temperatures ~ 24 degrees Celsius in January (winter) and over 40 degrees Celsius in July (summer) ~ most of the country is desert. Most people in Egypt live along the Nile, the large river that flows all the way through the country. The Nile valley is a green vein running from the north coast down into neighbouring Sudan.

In the desert, the days are very hot, but temperatures can fall at night. In April and May, a dry wind called the khamseen blows and this creates huge sandstorms at that time of year.

In high summer, the temperature in the day can rise to over 45 degrees Celsius. When the wind blows in from the desert in the south of the country, temperatures of 52 or 53 degrees Celsius are not unknown.
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I am a diabetic and would like to know what the weather and conditions arelike.  Is it spotlessly clean have I a worry with my diet.  I also am inpain with M.E.. Will  be well out there. Would sept or oct bebetter for me I  do not want the risk of burnt skin.  I also have three children to bring under the age of 14.will I keepwell there, I worry about accomodation that I stay in. I'm petrified of spiders and moskito bites made me so ill in cuba last year.  My children want tosee thepyramids. Please help

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