What Is The Weather Like In Croatia?


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Croatia benefits from a continental climate which brings hot summers with mostly dry weather, and cooler winters with increased rainfall and frostier periods. Croatia sits beside the Mediterranean Sea and most main areas are located on the coast.

Temperatures in degrees centrigrade for the Capital, Zagreb, are as follows:

Jan - max 3, min -2
Feb - max 6, min -2
Mar - max 11, min 1
Apr - max 16, min 5
May - max 21, min 9
Jun - max 24, min 13
Jul - max 28, min 16
Aug - max 26, min 15
Sep - max 22, min 11
Oct - max 15, min 5
Nov - max10, min 2
Dec - max 3, min -1
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Fast becoming Europe's most popular new summer destination, Croatia is blessed with clement weather; summer sare dry and warm with temperatures between 25-30C; winters can be mild but rainy with temperatures sometimes dropping to around 2C.

There are plenty of beautiful beaches along the south coast of Croatia, in resorts such as Brela and Porec. Croatia will make a nice change to your holiday destination, offering both stunning, unexpected natural beauty and historical intrigue.

Situated in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia benefits from both Central European influences but also those of neighbouring Italy and nearby Greece. Croatia is certainly worth visiting for at least one holiday, if not many more to come!

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