What's The Driving Distance From Dayton, Ohio To Miami, Florida?


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Nick P answered
About 1700 miles, att 50 mph you can make it in 34 hrs,I LIVE IN NY, and it takes me about 24 hrs to south beach, if you go faster, and you should, the truckers will run you over ! Lol you can probably shave an easy 4 or 5 hrs off. Good luck oh make shure your tires are not over 33 lbs. Of air,in ohio, when you get down south it get hot,hot,hot, and tire pressure goes up cause heat expands, when you check the tires down there after driving all day,you can get an air pressure reading of 40 lbs. Or a little more, bring a tire gauge with you, and a can or fix a can save your day, this is the most common cause of tire failier, going to two extremes . Bye Nick
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John answered
It is about 1175 miles and will take about 17 hours and 51 minutes to drive
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David Mathley answered
The driving distance is 1176 miles.

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