What Is The Driving Distance From Pensacola Florida To Orange Beach Alabama? Then, What Is The Driving Distance Between Orange Beach, Alabama To New Orleans, Louisiana?


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The driving distance from Pensacola, Florida to Orange Beach, Alabama is around 30 miles and is said to take around 46 minutes to drive between the two.

The driving distance between Orange Beach, Alabama to New Orleans, Louisiana is around 195 miles and is said to take around 3 hours and 25 minutes to drive between the two.

When wanting to know the distances and travel times between locations a great tool to use is Google Maps. This is completely free to use and you should find it straightforward to use.

To use Google Maps simply follow these steps:

• Head to • Click on 'Get Directions'
• Type in your starting point in 'Box A'
• Type in your desired destination in 'Box B'
• Click 'Get Directions'
• You will then be given the distance in miles and the predicted travel time

You can also use sat navs and GPS systems to work out distances between locations and also how long it will take to drive. Most sat navs have a battery and so do not need to be solely used when you are in your car ready to set off. Simply take it out your car and type in the places you wish to travel to and from. You will be given the distance and travel time for this.

You can also access Google Maps on your smartphone and so you simply follow the same steps as stated above to find out the distances between locations.

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