Can I Get A Bus To Abu Dhabi From Dubai Ibn Battuta Mall Bus Station. And Does The Bus Stop Any Where In Jebel Ali When Returning From Abu Dhabi?


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From Battuta Mall to Abu Dhabi -- Yes, timings start from 6:30 until 10 a.m. Then there will be a break and then starts again at 4 p.m. Until 9 p.m. The interval will be half an hour to 1 hour depending on the traffic.
I have just been to Abu Dhabi last weekend and the bus (AUH Express) no longer stops at Jebel Ali (I live in DIP) and the nearest stopover is the roundabout near Trade Center (not quite sure with Al Ghazal buses though).
Hope this helps.
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I have the same question!!!! If you have the answer for it..please tell me.....thx a lot!!!
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Yeah, I Think that you can but I am not sure but I think that it would   be better to go through train as it is among the most advanced and state of the art train systems in the world   and you would really enjoy your journey from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by train. For more info visit Bayut

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