How Can I Travel From Dubai To Abu Dhabi?


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As for how you go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, I honestly don’t know, but I’m sure that there is an option to travel around Dubai by taxi, it would seem that a taxi is a very expensive pleasure, especially in the UAE, but I can tell you that after trying , I changed my mind to the edge.

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Use RTA Dubai, Inter-Emirates Bus starts from Dubai (Gubiba Station) to Abu Dhabi for 20AED. There is a bus every 40 minutes.
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There are a range of bus options.  Emirates runs a very comfortable one.  Shared taxi is also possible.
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Traveling between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is extremely easy and very affordable. There are several possibilities and travelers can choose from whatever mode of transportation is more convenient for their travel plans. There are two options to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi:


The bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi departs from Al Ghubaiba bus station in Dubai and arrives at Abu Dhabi Central bus station. Tickets can be bought from the driver before boarding. You can also take a trip from Ibn Battuta MS bus station and pay the same sum of money for this. Buses are spacious and equipped with air-conditioning.

Car Rental:

These are normally affordable, and gas is as well very cheap. There is free parking almost anywhere in the Emirates, including hotels and shopping centers. It is important to know that there are five electronic tolls in Dubai, so ask about it, otherwise, your credit card will be charged automatically.

There are always good parallel highways that are toll-free in Dubai, and to keep in mind that it is necessary to have an international driving license along with the regular driver's license, this rule is enforced even more if one's drivers license is not in English.
We found easier to rent a car in Dubai than in Abu Dhabi, but it is not very difficult in either of the two airports.

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The way to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is with one of the cheap airlines that have started up, United Arab Emirates is a big destination and Emirates airline is favored by business travellers all over the world because of the care the put into passenger service and their welcome, not to mention their wonderful food.

However if you are on a more limited budget, may I suggest you call up the site where you can find out everything you need to know about this route. You can also make on line reservations here on this site and pay for your ticket in advance, if you would like. It is well laid out and easy to understand. I hope you have a good journey, and a happy shopping time in the sun.

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