What Are Some Interesting Locations In Ancient China?


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There are many interesting places in China I'm chinese and I live there. I learn english there so I can talk even though I'm completely chinese. :) anyways... There is the great wall of china (which is so cool! I saw it in real life haaaaaaa!) and temple of heaven, some pagodas oh yeah and I saw all of the things that I list down in real life so ... ...yea...
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China and India have plenty of interesting historical places. Some of these locations in China are:
-Imperial Palaces of the Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing and Shenyang
-Mount Taishan
-The Great wall of China
-Mausoleum of First Qin Emperor.
Indian historical places are:
-Taj Mahal
-Sun Temple, Konarak
-Monuments of Mahabalipuram
- Agra Fort
If you need more historical places, you can take help from the following link:
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I need to know what the description if ancient china's location

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