To What Extent Do You Think Liberalism, Conservatism, And The Aforementioned Factors Affect Elections In America? Use A Personal Experience Or A Current News Article To Support Your Answer.


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It is not going to be possible to answer this question in a way that you will find useful because you have based it on using 'aforementioned factors' that you have not included in the question.

  • American elections

Surprisingly, there are around 80,000 elections each year in the United States, but the one that gets everybody worked up is the presidential elections, which take place every four years.

It takes about a year for the process to take place, which is quite alarming when you consider that this means the current President has to spend an entire quarter of his term fighting to be re-elected.

  • Election process

The election process is a complicated affair, which may be the reason that around half of all Americans who are entitled to vote, do not.

Presidential candidates not only have to be able to (or think that they are able to) do the job, they are also expected to be charismatic and more than capable of handling the media circus that accompanies this particular race.

Out of each party's nominations, only one candidate will be selected to represent the party. This decision is made at the national conventions and is made up from a number of delegates and super delegates.

Each state has different criteria on how to select delegates, and it tends to be a complicated affair.

  • Delegates and Super Delegates

These are the people who are responsible for selecting the presidential candidates and their running mates.

Super delegates tend to be a selection of high ranking politicians such as ex-presidents, governors and senior civil servants. Although they are influential, and can be responsible for the final decision, they do not have any party affiliation and they are often responsible for making the entire process far more complicated than it needs be.

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