Can You Tell Me If A 1968 10 New Pence Is Worth Anything?


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Even though decimalisation in Britain officially took place in 1971, there was a gradual introduction of the new coins, and so it is possible to find ten pence coins dated 1968. Unfortunately, though, they are worth little more than their face value.

The introduction of the new coins began with both the ten pence piece and the five pence piece in 1968. These coins were to replace the old shilling and florin coins. In theory, it was still possible to find silver coins from 1816 in circulation, but this wasn’t something that happened very often because of the withdrawal of silver in coins after 1947.

In October 1969, the 50 new pence piece was released in order to replace the ten shilling note, which became obsolete just over a year later, by which time the old halfpenny and half-crown were no longer legal tender, either. It took another year for the old penny and threepence coins (threepenny bit) to become withdrawn, just a mere six months after D-Day.

The sixpence coin was allowed to remain in circulation masquerading as two and a half new pence until the end of June 1980 for practical reasons. London Transport used coin operated machines for the Underground and no new coin was appropriate for them.

In 1982, the term ‘New Pence’ was dropped from coins because they no longer fitted this category, though there was a mistake made at the Royal Mint when a number of 1983 two pence coins were minted with the words ‘new pence’ on them. These coins can still be found today, although they are rare, and can fetch up to £500.

1982 saw the advent of the 20 pence coin, which today is the most commonly used coin, and the following year produced the pound coin, which initially caused an outcry because it felt that by making a pound into a coin devalued it.
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Hi I have some Elizabeth.11 with the letter D.G.R.E.G.F.D.1981 on the front and NEW PENCE 50 on the back are they worth any thing.
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Is 1935 english dollar coin worth anything
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I'm afraid it's only worth 20-30p (in today's pounds sterling) at most, if in mint (uncirculated) condition. I was looking for an answer to this too, as decimalisation took officially place in 1971, but it was a gradual process. The 10p coins, as "10 new pence" were minted and called that before 1981, and as just "10 pence" until 1992 when a new smaller design came around.

I found a few old 1968 "10 new pence coins" and wondered if they're worth anything much; not apparently. Maybe in time, but as they've been phased out, it might take a long time (not in your lifetime) for them to become rare enough to be valuable for collectors.

Of course if you have whole lot of them, they're at least twice their face value if uncirculated, and unblemished, but don't expect much.

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