How Much Is A Queen Elizabeth Ii Dg Reg Fd 1981 New Pence 2 Cent Coin Worth?


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The 1981 two pence coin (British decimal currency) has been rumored to be worth a large sum of money if it has the words "New pence" written on the reverse. With 353,191,100 of them printed they are not considered rare at all. This is due to a series of events:

  • Start of the "New Pence"
  • Introduction of the "Two Pence" reverse
  • 1983 Accidental "New Pence"
  • The Present Day
In 1971 the British 2 pence was introduced at decimalisation. The 2 pence was new at this moment in time so the Royal Mint put the words "New Pence" on every coin. The coins remained like this until 1981. Every back of the 2 pence pieces dated between 1971 and 1981 will have the words "New Pence" rather than "Two Pence" written on them.

In 1982 the Royal Mint introduced the "Two Pence" reverse. By now all 2 pence's minted in 1982 all had "Two Pence" printed on them.

In 1983 637, 100 special sets were released that included one of each coin from that year. A small number of the two pence's in the set were printed with the old "New Pence" reverse by accident. This meant they had the year 1983 printed on them as well as "New Pence". They are now worth £400 if in good condition and full lusture (Lusture is the amount of shine on a coin and cannot ever be fully restored). The 1981 "New Pence" coins are worth 15p...and that's only id they're in perfect condition.

Currently, all 2 pence's feature "Two Pence" on the reverse and are not worth much. Two pence's with "Two Pence" on the reverse from 1982, 1983 and 1984 are worth £1 if in excellent condition because they too were produced in sets only.

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