How Much Does It Cost To Visit Disney World?


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Disney World is at Bay Lake, Florida, just outside the city limits of Orlando.

Being the largest theme park resort in the world, Disney World consists of four main theme parks, two water parks, six golf courses, a sports complex, an auto race track, twenty hotels, plus many shops and restaurants.

As for prices, different tickets are offered depending upon how long you wish to spend at Disney World.

If you are aged ten or over, 7 days costs £158, 14 days is £168, and 21 days £185.

For children aged nine and under, tickets are £139 for 7 days, £148 for 14 days, and £159 for 21 days.

There are also hotel and ticket packages available, and if you are flying to Orlando, you may wish to consider a package that includes a flight. All the major tour operators, such as Virgin and Thomson, offer package deals to Disney World.

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When my family and I went to disney world my parents said we REALLY had to save I'd day a couple thousand dollars
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Here is a list of Disneyland ticket price. Total cost obviously depends on your
Days Adult (ages 10 and up) Child (ages 3-9)
1 $90.53 $84.14
2 $178.92 $165.08
3 $247.08 $227.91
4 $258.80 $238.56
5 $267.32 $247.08
6 $275.84 $255.60
7 $284.36 $264.12
8 $292.88 $272.64
9 $301.40 $281.16
10 $309.92 $289.68

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