How Much Does It Cost To Visit Rome?


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There are so many variables involved in a holiday to Rome, such as where you are travelling from, how long you are staying for and how many people are going; a ballpark figure is simply not possible. That said, there are several ways you can find the cheapest option for your needs.

If you are in the UK, then it is obviously more convenient and cheaper to travel to Italy than if you are in America. In the UK, most budget airlines offer travel to Rome, as it is a fairly short flight and a popular destination for British people on weekend breaks or short family holidays. Ryanair would be an ideal place to start looking - - as they frequently offer the cheapest flights available anywhere. Rome is sometimes included in Ryanair’s bargains that can start from as little as £1. Currently a flight to Rome on Ryanair is around £35 one way, which is an excellent price for a flight. This depends mainly on when you are planning to visit Rome.

Other sites worth checking out for flight deals are ScyScanner, which rounds up the current prices across a wide range of destinations and such companies as EasyJet, who also do bargain deals. The flight is, of course, not the only expense. You will need to think about where you are going to stay - hostels tend to offer the best prices, if you are happy to stay in one. Hotels, obviously, will charge more as they provide more frills and are usually a more comfortable stay. Lastminute and Expedia are worth looking at to find current hotel deals.

Whatever you decide, Rome is a fantastic and romantic city to visit, packed full of ancient history. The Coliseum is one of the most popular tourist destinations, with basilicas scattered throughout the city.
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It depends on exactly when you come, where you stay, how you get around and what you see/do/eat. Here are some resources that can help you plan and check options and current prices: Bill splitter

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It's not really expensive - it really depends on what you want to visit though!
I think for a week or so it's going to be like 500 for the hotel you can get cheap places but on high season it's going to be a little bit tougher. You can check out some of the best deals for Rome Hotels following the link! Hope this helps
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The cost to go to the historic and beautiful city of Rome from the UK will depend on the e means of transport used. The costs will also vary form the route taken and whether the trip is one way or a return trip.

There are several airlines that offer low cost flights from England to Rome. offers some great bargains with regards to low cost airlines from major cities like Leeds, Manchester and Bradford. UK's traveler's discounts recommend Wegelo the low cost, no frills flight To Rome. These flights leave daily and a traveler can board them at London or Manchester or at Birmingham. The two major airports in Rome are the Leonardo Da Vinci and Pastine. Once in Rome a taxi fare from Leonardo Da Vinci Airport may cost 40-50 euros.

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