What Are The Weaknesses Of Carnival Cruise Line?


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I have cruised for many years and I must say as an experienced cruiser that the only weaknesses are the people who have bad attitudes. On Carnival they have great entertainment, food is great, and the service is wonderful. The prices at the moment are very reasonable. If I had to find one fault that would be that they don't have reservations for future cruises aboard the ship (Elation and Paradise). Some other cruise liners as Princess has this service with discounts.
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Hi, I would check with the better Business Bureau to see, if they had any complaints. Give them a call. They may even have a web site. Take care!
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Carnival cruises are usually a younger and crazier crowd (not that that's always bad!) --- the young part stems from Carnival being a lot cheaper than its competitors.
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Recently I took a Royal Caribbean Cruise, I met good people, the 60% told me that Carnival Cruises, have very bad service and food quality, and the behaviour of the guests is terrible, even adult people, always drunk, noisy and trying to invite people to join them.    Those where the reviews of my friends, but it happened that we arrived to the U.S. Virgin Islands, and a Carnival Cruise was there too, we took a tour to a nice quite beach, an when we arrived a group of 15 people where drunk,  shouting and running...I asked where they where staying, they told me they where travelling in a Carnival Cruise...((    I have this page that has reviews too.    www.cruisesonly.comm  Hope this help you.    Take care!

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