How Far From Charlotte NC To Parris Island SC?


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It's over 220 miles.

Here's the route:

1) Take I-77 SOUTH to where I-77 ENDS at I-26 in Columbia, SC. You want to take I-26 EAST towards Charleston.
2) Take I-26 EAST to I-95 SOUTH at EXIT 169A.
3) Take I-95 SOUTH to State Route 336 at EXIT 21.
4) Turn left off the exit ramp onto State Route 336 EAST.
5) Take Route 336 EAST to where Route 336 ends at State Route 462. Turn right onto Route 462 SOUTH.
6) Take Route 462 to where Route 462 ends State Route 170. Turn left onto Route 170 EAST.
7) Take Route 170 EAST to State Route 802. Bear right onto Route 802.
8) Take Route 802 to the exit ramp for Parris Island. Bear right.

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