What Is The Distance From Augusta, Ga To Savannah, Ga?


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The distance from Augusta, Georgia to Savannah, Georgia, is 130 miles. To get from Savannah to Augusta, you'll need to drive on the GA-21 highway to Millen (U.S. 25), then turn right onto the 25 North and keep heading due north to Augusta; reverse the process to drive from Augusta to Savannah.

Augusta, Georgia is located close to the picturesque Savannah River; The city has a population of over half a million residents, and it features notable attractions, such as the Augusta Canal, and the Riverwalk Augusta. This southern locale is also known for its minor hockey league, its colleges and technical schools (including Augusta State University), and its scenic Diamond Lake Regional Park.

Savannah is a popular tourist attraction - visitors flock to enjoy the city's genteel architecture and rich, colorful history. The Savannah Victorian Historical District is one perennial attraction; this area really captures the spirit of the Old South, with its Victorian-era buildings and relaxed charm. Savannah covers just over 78 square miles, and it is chock-full of things and see to do; this city is the fourth-largest city in the State of Georgia.

If you're planning a fun trip between these two cities, you may also be wondering about flight times; in general, it will be a short flight of less than an hour, plus boarding times and wait times.

To experience true Southern charm and a humid, subtropical climate, be sure to spend some time sightseeing in Savannah and Augusta; you'll love the warm, friendly people and vibrant cities. The South has a unique culture that draws visitors from all over the world. Museums, parks, galleries, symphonies, restaurants and boutiques all celebrate the character and charm that is part of Southern life in Savannah and Augusta. Luckily, it's very easy to travel between these exciting cities.
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