How Long Does It Take To Fly From Iraq To United States?


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How long does it take to get from Iraq to the United States is another one of those questions with a multitude of answers. In short, it could take anything from around 13 or 14 hours to days, if not weeks.

  • Airlines
First of all, how long does it takes to travel from Iraq to the United States depends on what airline will be used. Military flights, for instance, though less comfortable, are usually a little quicker, although even they depend on a lot of circumstances.

  • Routes
Then, of course, it depends on where the plane is taking off from and which route is taken, whether there will be one or more stop-overs along the route and how far away from the ultimate destination the plane will land.

The US is a big place, and travel from the final airport to the actual final destination itself could take several hours. There is also a possibility that a scheduled flight will not go close enough to the ultimate destination and another plane will have to be taken to get there.

  • Delays
Delays can be caused by anything from last minute or even en-route stand-by calls for soldiers to bad weather conditions, problems at airports, or problems with planes.

If the route involves changes of flights, a delay on the first leg could result in having to wait hours, or maybe even days, for the next connecting flight. The list of possibilities really is endless.

  • Flight Duration Finder
If the actual flight and route is known, it should be possible to get a better idea of how long it should take if all goes according to plan by consulting a Route Duration Finder. This may not take delays into account, but will at least give a closer idea of what to expect.
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About 8 hours
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Well, if you could get a direct flight -- and I'm pretty darn sure you can't -- it would only have to cover about 6925 miles / 11,191 km. That would still be about 14 hours in flight.

But since direct flights don't exist, not even from Miami, you have to factor in getting to the airport that goes to far away international places

Getting to airport (1 hour to Miami)
Check-in (2 hours)
Flying somewhere in Europe (8+ hours to Madrid)
Change of aeroplane (3 hours)
Flight onto Baghdad (4-5 hours).

That adds up to 18 hours, the very least you could hope for.
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America has many states so the time to fly from Iraq to America can vary. For example if you fly from Baghdad Irag to Las Vegas America then the theoretical air distance (great circle distance) is 12,338 kilometers or 7667 miles or 6662 nautical miles. The time will also depend upon the airport location and route chosen so it can't be told exactly.
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They typically fly from Ira to Kuwait to Germany to a base in America, such as Atlanta. This can take up to 3 days. My father left Iraq on a Wednesday afternoon, our time, and arrived home in Philadelphia Friday morning.

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