How .long Does It Take To Fly From Anchorage Alaska To Okinawa, Japan?


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Flying from the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport in Alaska to the Naha Airport in Okinawa, Japan is widely touted as a very long trip with some beautiful scenery throughout.   Commercially, trips, including airport security and required document checks take as little as 13 hours and as much as two days.  I baulked at the time, but had to remember to consider, it’s 3817.4 nautical miles from Anchorage to Okinawa.

The logistical ‘as the crow flies’ calculations have been done numerous times coming up with a trip time of around eight hours and 30 minutes.  However, anyone who’s ever tried to purchase a round trip ticket between these destinations can tell you, there are no commercially-available direct flights to be found. 

In searching all flights on several different travel sites, the actual flight times are no shorter than 10.5 hours and can take up to two days.   This numbers doesn’t include time needed to check in, get through airport security and additionally, you must endure a minimum of one layover, more commonly two.  In domestic flights, depending upon whether or not you pre-purchased electronic or paper tickets dictates the need to visit the check in counter, wait in line for an open kiosk or go directly to security.  In international travel however, we must not forget passport checks and checked baggage, although, I travel very light and rarely check anything unless required. 

The Ted Stevens Airport is a full service first class airport with many high-class amenities while the Naha Airport is listed as a second-class airport with somewhat limited services.  All basic and standard amenities are available.  Taxi and car services are readily available to whisk you to one of the many beautiful hotels nearby.

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