What Would American Look Like In 50 Years?


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I think well be fine weve faced times harder then this before and who cares if chinas economy gets stronger than ours we still have something they probably wont ever have and thats freedom. I would pick the U.S. Over china any day. If you look at the conditions those people live in over there it could make anyone sick. Most of china still lives in poverty they have like 1 billion people. They have to have laws to keep their population some what down. Not to mention their pollution and sanitary problems. I feel very blessed to live in a country like the U.S.
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The United States will be fine in 50 years and most likely the Top Super Power and here is why.     Economically - The wealth of the United States is literally mind boggling for other countries to grasp.  Our GDP is right now double that of China (In the middle of a Recession), and triple that of 3rd place Japan (a close U.S. Ally).  The U.S. Population is making a marketed shift toward "Conservatism" with a near clean sweep of the midterm elections.  The Conservatives took back over the house by a large majority.  In the U.S. It is the house that controls where money goes.  There is a great push to pay off the national debt right now.  In fact we have already paid back 20% of our debt to China in only 14 months.     The world population is going to double in the next 30 years putting the largest producer of food (by several times) the U.S. In a great position to reap vast profits off of agriculture (its largest employer).  In 30 years the price of a bushel of corn could mirror the price of a barrel of oil).  Much of our recent debt has invested in Green Technology.  The U.S. Is the leading country in Green Energy by several fold.   The U.S. Has 9 out of the top 10 (and all of the top 7) largest onshore wind farms in the World.  The U.S. Wind production is growing exponentially.  Wind turbines theoretically last forever with very little maintenance.  The bad thing about wind turbines is initial cost, once their in there is no stopping them.  The U.S. Is also the leader in zero emission (including Co2) coal technology and plants are already being retrofitted.  There are going to be new world laws passed on emissions and huge “tariffs” on imports from non conforming countries.  You can see world legislation already starting to be implemented.  The U.S. Has vast amounts of natural resources and has recent discoveries of recoverable oil that literally dwarf the amount previously stated (most people have no idea look up the Bracken Shale).  We also have near endless amounts of coal and posses nearly every form mineral in current world production.    Militarily – There just is no comparison to explain the superiority of the U.S. War machine.  The U.S. Has 11 Carrier battle groups and another 9 amphibious carrier groups that will all use the new 5th Generation F-35 strike fighter.  The U.S. Also possesses new fleets of F-22 5th Generation fighters that are literally decades ahead of the competition.  The first U.S. Test flight of the YF-22 flew in 29 September 1990 and it took us until now to actually start fielding them.  For comparison China is just now testing its first 5th Generation fighter and has yet to fly it (some 21 years behind the U.S.). Not to mention Russia has 1 Carrier that rarely leaves port (mind you no carrier battle group) and China has ZERO.  There is no other way to effectively project (and protect) military forces across Oceans without them and we are the only ones really with them.  Britain was building two new state of the art carriers for the F-35 and one is already being moth balled half way through production.     This is just a brief synopsis but it should be noted that many of these foreign companies are owned by companies or entities that reside in the U.S.. Additionally the world banking system is riveted with western influence and leadership.     The best statement to sum it up is literally the U.S. Is too big to fail…the attitude of its citizens would never allow it to fall from a world economic power and invasion of U.S. Homelands or selling our “land” would be like trying to get Russia to sell us Moscow for two bits.  The 330,000,000 Americans would not allow it and they are a well armed public.
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I think the US is loosing ground quickly. China and Japan are quickly taking over economically and as far as a world power, the more we stay at war with whomever, the weaker we get.

Then you throw in the global change factor and my thought is that within 100 years, most of world civilization will be gone, if not all of it. I have thought this for some time and it is funny now (not really) but scientist are beginning to say the same thing.
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I think China would probably surpass us in economic quantities and their in income might be higher, and even right now they have a surplus of goods. I still think that we will be a superpower but maybe not the best one. Also would you like to be friends?-Trey
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Not really.American would be at the top of world disaster.
Because we have everything .right now the world is running out of oil because of
us. Our population will grow bigger ,starting
Well as prediction  weather  change , some states may be not exit on earth  .
  Aids rate will be 30% increase  double
  2: Most of time  religious phenomena will be dominate !
  3: Obesity will be double  and  birth rate will be decrease .
  4 : New tech  will be changes the values of life  as is it now .
    Computer . Robotic new world  will be  work for human beings .
        As  I think
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We probably won't exist in 50 years. I think that within 10 we will be at war with China, we will lose. Then that chaos of losing along with the militancy of Conservatives and Liberals a like will cause a new Civil War. I believe that in order for America to even remain a country with as many diverse backgrounds we need to have universal rights to everyone. We need to stop our wars. We need to restructure the economy to make it based around production rather than consumption.
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The dollar is on a downward spiral, look at the British pound I could afford a trip to the us much easier than a trip to London. Americans aren't really very popular amongst other 1st world countries either.

I really think that if you took holly wood away from the states nobody would really give a sh** about it. There are a lot of influential people and companies over there. If you take away the glamour all you've got is gun wielding psychos, a people that doesn't trust its own government, and crazy zealots.

The climate change apocalypse is always a factor too. I believe we are contributing to our own death with global warming, but it would b good if it was just BS like Y2K
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My personal view is that no it wont be like that. 50 years is a long time and considering the present volatility of the international economic and political situation, I believe that things may be quite different from now.
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Not to cause a stir... But look at the question.. And try to think what possible cause could stop us looking 50 years into the future..

San Andreas fault... This is such a risk that could make us forget about America, but we wont will we... Keep it strong. Read up about it, I know its not related to the question, but its hard to think of the future of America and what people of America will look like.

But ok, lets think that will not ever happen, since Barack has come into power, the chances that American would be growing in terms of a negative impact is getting slimmer but I cannot see it being more positive than it really is now. Of course we have to accept that there will always be something negative going against positive... And one thing we are certain is that obesity will increase along with more infertility. This should be a worry. Action is being taken, but not enough.

I wouldnt be surprise that in the next 50 years, population will increase so much that if people don't start living off/outside America, they would become so overcrowded that there will be more infertile people (results of obesity and such) and that there wont be enough medicine to go around which could things such as poverty as the country will not have enough to give out due to such large population.. The country will get poorer, more crime, less education... Probably alongside the UK and some European countries... While the Asians gain more power (Such as China and India). Don't get me wrong, I am 100% british, long british lineage as far back our history goes

I can't say much for positive views, as of current I know that there will be, but off the top of my head, I reckon we should worry more about the negative things and try to fix them more than thinking about positive things. Fixing negatives will bring positives. America should last, no matter what state it is in.

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