How Much Is 10 DIX FRANCS In US Currency?


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The French Franc is no longer an active currency after France adopted the Euro as its national currency in 1999. The Euro and the Franc co-existed as usable currencies in France until Euro banknotes and coins were introduced in early 2002. After 17 February 2002, Euro banknotes and coins had replaced the Franc entirely.

In December 2001 - the last point at which the Franc was the predominantly used currency in France, the exchange rate with the US dollar was 1 Franc = 0.178 dollars. Therefore 10 Francs equated to a value of approximately $1.78 at this period of time.

According to, an exchange rate between the two currencies as of July 2011 would be 10 Francs = $2.14 (4.66 French Francs = $1).

At the time of changeover to Euros in January 2002, the following coins were in circulation in France:
•    1 centime - approximately 0.15 eurocents
•    5 centimes - 0.76 eurocents)
•    10 centimes - 1.5 eurocents
•    20 centimes - 3.05 eurocents
•    Half franc - 7.6 eurocents
•    1 franc - 15.2 eurocents
•    2 francs - 30.5 eurocents
•    5 francs - 76 eurocents
•    10 francs - €1.50
•    20 francs - €3
•    100 francs - €15

Coins were freely exchangeable at Banque de France until February 2005. Banknotes will continue to be accepted for exchange until 17 February 2012.
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