How Many Miles Between Atlanta Ga And St Augustine Fl?


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The total distance that you would have to travel, assuming you were traveling by car, to get from Atlanta GA to St Augustine FL is 386 miles. This is the same as traveling around 620 kilometers in the car. Your journey begs in the general area of Atlanta, Georgia - as with no precise location you can't really be told how long it will take you to travel the distance exactly. Your journey, according to this information, will also end within the general area of St Augustine, Florida.

Many people traveling this distance would consider trains or planes, but if you want to make the journey by car then you should go about making it into more of a road trip. If you are planning on making it a road trip and you're going to travel back then you need to double the mileage so you know roughly how many miles you're going to have to travel. This will not only allow you to work out how long the journey will take you but it will also allow you to calculate how much gas you will use and of course how much the gas will cost you.

You should find an estimate of local gas prices and then tot up the numbers to be able to know how much it will cost you roughly to get there and back - this means that you'll spend less time filling up, running out and then having to fill up your tank again.

There are many websites out there that can plan the best route for you, and this does include Google. Google Maps allows you to plan your journey by whatever means of transport and will show you the best routes to use when you're planning to make the journey.

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