How Many Miles Are There Between Augusta, Georgia And Jacksonville, Florida?


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If one is interested in travelling between Augusta, Georgia and Jacksonville, Florida the distance is approximately 258 miles. It has been observed that if you travel by road the approximate time required to travel the distance will be around 4 and a half hours under normal traffic conditions. Keep in mind that you must head south on the St. Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway and then turn right on Broad Street.

Augusta in the American state of Georgia has a population of 195,182 people. It is located on the Georgia/South Carolina border and is approximately 150 miles east of the famous Atlanta. It is actually the second largest metropolitan area in the state and is the second largest city. Interestingly it is also the birthplace of the Christian denomination of Southern Baptists. It has been nicknamed the Garden City and since it is the host of the golf Master's tournament is also referred to as the 'Master's City'.

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