How Much Of American Dollars Is One Franc?


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Unfortunately the French Franc is no longer in circulation and therefore an accurate currency conversion of American dollars to French Francs is not really possible due to this fact. France, like many countries who are part of the European Union, now uses Euros as their currency. This helps when travelling across Europe as you do not need to worry about having to exchange your currency from country to country.

If you have French Francs then it may well be worth putting them somewhere safe for a few years. As with time they will become rather rare and so their value will gradually increase as people may well wish to buy them of you as a collectable piece of French history.

It is reported that the French Franc were freely exchangeable until 17 February 2005 at Banque de France only, though some commercial banks could still perform it but were not required to offer this service for free after the transition period in 2001, by converting their total value in Francs to euros (rounded to the nearest eurocent) at the official fixed rate of 6.55957 francs for 1 euro.

However if you have French Francs in the form of banknotes there is some better news, as they are actually officially convertible up until the 17th of February 2012.
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The Euro is the new 'single currency' of the European Monetary Union and old currency can no longer be used for non-cash transactions, such as bank transfers and cheques. So French franc can't be used in bank transfers and cheques. Euro is the current currency of France now.

The details of the conversion is  as follows;

1 US Dollar = 0.67826 Euro
1 Euro (EUR) = 1.47437 US Dollar (USD)

For details, click here
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The value of the Franc as compared to the US dollar varied constantly. To see how the average value changed month by month from 1971 to 2001 go to --}
US Dollar vs French Franc {---
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One Franc equals how many american dollars?

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