What Is Driving Distance Between Newark, NJ And Montreal Quebec?


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The driving distance between Newark in New Jersey and Montreal in Quebec is approximately 368 miles. By searching online, you can get exact directions to your destination and print them out to take with you on your journey to ensure that your travel time is as short as possible, leaving you with more time to enjoy your trip. Alternatively, you can enter the destination in your SatNav which will give you verbal automatic directions without need of a printer or taking your eyes off the road. Using satellite signals, the gadget pinpoints your exact location and can even give you traffic warnings with alternative routes and your estimated time of arrival so you can contact your relatives to inform them as to when you’ll be arriving.

Newark is the largest city in New Jersey with a population of nearly 300,000 people, being the 68th-largest city in the United States of America and a hotspot for the countries shipping, air and rail hubs. Newark is the home of Newark Liberty International Airport, one of the main airports for connections to Manhattan, New York, which is only approximately eight miles west of Newark.

Montreal is the largest city in the province of Quebec and also the second to largest city in Canada itself. Its former name "Ville-Marie” translates as "City of Mary” in English was replaced when the city was renamed to reference the Mont-Royal triple-peaked hill in the centre of the city. It has a population of 1,620,693, much higher than that of Newark, so be prepared for a very bustling city when you arrive in Montreal.

Given that the journey is over six hours in travelling time, ensure that you make frequent stops at service stations to allow your body to rest after the strains of long distance travelling. Always stop at a service station if you find yourself getting tired at the wheel, as sleep is a major killer on the roads.
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What is the distance between newark, nj and montreal?
Also the distance between montreal and Quebec city?
Also the distance between Quebec and back to newark, nj

I plan to stay 3 days in Montreal and 3 days in Quebec.
The # of people are - 8 adults and 3 kids.

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The distance is 330.30 miles. If you click here you can also see a map.

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