What Is The Distance Between Niagara Falls And Quebec City?


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As the crow flies the distance between Niagara Falls and Quebec City is 461 miles, or if you prefer the distance in metric it is 742 kilometres. But the road distance is nearer 577 miles, 928km. It would take around 10 hours to drive and the journey would take you past New York and Montreal.
The French Canadian city of Quebec City sits on the Saint Lawrence River and about three hours east of Montreal.
The second-oldest settlement in Canada, Quebec City is split in two, the Upper Town and the Lower Town.
The historic city boasts Cap-Diamant in the old quarter and it is the only walled city in North America so it is not surprising that it is UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The Upper Town has attractions such as the Citadel, Chareau Frontenac, the Plains of Abraham and the Quebec Parliament buildings, while Lower Town is home to the Naval Museum, the Place-Royal and the old port.
The Winter Carnival is a popular attraction with its ice sculptures known all around the world, one of the stand-out showpieces in among the snowy events.
The world-renowned Niagara Falls which forms part of the USA and Canada border pulls in 12 million visitors annually.
Its natural beauty was formed on the Niagara River, which is around 12,000 years old, and is caused by erosion going back to the ice age.
The Niagara Falls has featured in many movies and has attracted all sorts of record breaking attempts, usually involving rapid falls, with one fifth of all the fresh water in the world cascading down the falls after flowing in from lakes Erie, Superior, Huron and Michigan and after the drop travels 12 miles to Lake Ontario.
Niagara Falls is the second largest waterfall in the world, beaten only by Victoria Falls in Africa.
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Distance between Niagara Falls and Quebec City is 628 kilometers or 390 miles. For more details please visit the following site

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