What's Space Tourism Advantages?


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Travelling to space seems like a big scary adventure, but lots of people think it is a good idea that will bring with it many benefits to our future.

  1. It will bring money into the industry- Anything to do with space travel costs a lot of money, and funding for research projects are constantly getting cut. 

    By providing tourism into space, more money will be available to fund other projects. The cost of flights to space won't be cheap, so the main target market will be the rich. With this sort of money coming in then other projects will also be able to take place.
  2. Providing jobs- Seeing as tourism in space is a new venture, it is an industry that it only just starting up. Therefore a lot of jobs will soon become available to people who would have only dreamt about being able to work anywhere near space shuttles.
  3. Getting to space will get cheaper- at the moment if you want to get into space, or send something into space, it will cost you a scary sum of money. However as reusable space crafts will continue to be developed, due to more and more people wanting to go to space, the price of space travel will slowly reduce.
  4. The View - Quite simply it opens up a wonderful opportunity for everyday people to travel to space, which a few years ago would never have crossed someone's mind.
  5. Other possibilities - Once people start going to space on a regular basis, then who knows what else can be developed. For example space travel to get from place to place on Earth quicker.

    I imagine that technologies which are developed for breakthroughs like space travel also have secondary uses, on Earth, that we may to have expected.

    For example, did you know the food hygiene standards that restaurants must abide by were first developed by NASA to prevent astronauts from getting ill in space?

If you want to find out more about the development of space tourism, this website is really useful:

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