What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tourism In Cambodia?


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The advantages and disadvantages of tourism in Cambodia are the same as they are everywhere else – money’s coming in, but the country risks losing its culture to commercialization.

Advantages of Tourism in Cambodia
  • More jobs for the people who live there
  • It brings much-needed money to the country
  • Visitors may see how difficult life is for some Cambodians and decide to help (either by donating or doing charity work)
That might not seem like many advantages, and in number, it’s not. However, the impact that those things have on Cambodia is pretty significant!

Disadvantages of Tourism in Cambodia
  • The jobs it brings are mainly seasonal
  • Culture is lost to tacky, tourist-orientated commercialization
  • Beaches might become polluted
  • The Cambodian people are at risk of being treated like zoo exhibits
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Dolphin Lee answered
Tourism increases the revenue of Cambodia. At the same time it also shows the world the characteristics of Cambodia.

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