How Do I Get To The Eiffel Tower From The Gare Du Nord, And How Long Will It Take?


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There are a number of ways to travel from the Gare Du Nord - Europe's busiest railway station - to the Eiffel Tower, which is one of Europe's most beautiful attractions.

Most people choose to go via the Paris underground train network (metro), but you can also get there by bus or taxi. However, be wary of the congestion, which could seriously delay your journey.

If you feel like a bit of exercise, then you could always walk the 6.8Km between the two places!

How to get to the Eiffel Tower from the Gare Du Nord?
  • If you go via taxi, then it will most probably take you about half an hour to get to the Eiffel Tower from the Gare Du Nord - although the time it takes will depend entirely on the traffic.
  • Going via the metro will be the quickest and easiest way of getting there. There is a metro station at the Gare Du Nord, and one located relatively close (about a ten-minute walk) to the base of the Eiffel Tower.
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You can go by metro, bus or taxi. It would take about half an hour, though unless you choose a taxi you should add a bit on for possible delays. Anyway, you should make it in time for the 12.00 tour if your train is on time.

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