What Is The Distance Between Houston, TX And Shreveport, La?


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The distance between Houston, TX and Shreveport, LA is around 250 miles or 400 kilometers. The exact distance is obviously dependent on which parts of Houston and Shreverport you are traveling between.

A great way of finding the distances between places, and even getting directions for the journey, is by using Google Maps. It is completely free to use and fairly simple to operate. It will give you the distance in miles and also tell you roughly how long the journey would take in the car, by bike or walking.

Another great feature in Google Maps is street view. This lets you actually view photos of the street you may be going to. It is a great way of getting yourself instantly familiar with the location and lets you remember certain landmarks to look out for when you take the journey for real.

To use Google Maps to determine distances simply follows these steps:

•    Head to •    Click on 'Get Directions' located on the top right-corner of the page
•    In 'Box A' type in the name of the place you are starting from
•    In 'Box B' type in the location you wish to finish at
•    Click 'Get Directions'
•    You can then click on the car, man, and bike symbols to see the various distance times for each mode of transport.

Another handy way of finding the distances between locations is to use a GPS or Sat Nav system. Many people have them in their cars and assume they can only use them when they are about to set off. However, most Sat Navs have a battery and so can be taken out of the car and still used. Therefore you can simply bring the Sat Nav into your house and type in the two locations to find out the distance and expected travel time.

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