Question On Japanese Geisha. Do They Still Exist Today And Where In The United States Can You See Japanese Geisha If There's Any In The United States Where Do I Need To Go To See Them?


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If you aren't able to find a place where you can take a picture with a geisha then you might perhaps be able to find someone with geisha clothing; Like perhaps an Asian friend who is intrigued by geishas might have an article of clothing. Or if you have an Asian friend they could dress up as a Geisha and that way you can have your picture :)
I'm pretty sure you could buy a japanese kimono online.
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Yes . Theres still geisha
I think there's geisha's in japan
I'm not so sure if there's some living in the US
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The best thing to do would be to go to one of the geisha districts in Japan, or look in major media for when there will be exhibits, teaching exhibitions, or other reasons for geisha to travel to your area. Occassionaly there are women in the US, and a few older Ladies in New York City - but the best thing to do is plan a trip to Japan to either the Kyoto or Tokyo area. I would suggest using google to look up where you can take a tour with who is a Canadian living in Japan, and also a geisha expert.

For more information on geisha you could join us at, as well.

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