How Far Is Texas From Mississippi?


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The total distance between Texas and Mississippi is 670 miles. Driving between the two states will take about 11 hours.  To fly from one city to the other, the total flight distance will be 482 miles, or 774 kilometers.

Facts About Texas

• Texas is one of the biggest states in America - only Alaska outdoes the Lone Star State in terms of sheer size. Texas also boasts some of the United States of America's most vibrant and exciting cities - for example, San Antonio and Austin have become renowned for their culture and fun tourist attractions. Many celebrities, including actress Sandra Bullock, have chosen to spend a large amount of their year living in the sunshine and warmth of these Texas cities.

Facts About Mississippi

• Discovered by Spanish explorers in the sixteenth century. Mississippi was eventually claimed by the French; in the 17th century, French settlers created a new community in the, this area is known as Ocean Springs. Mississippi is the very essence of the Old South, and it retains a unique culture that combines antebellum architecture with a temperate, suptropical climate. Tourists enjoy the relaxed pace of this Southern city, which is flanked by the grand Mississippi River.

To find out more about these cities, and the best ways to travel between them, visit the tourist bureau websites for each location. Once you're there, you'll be able to find out lots of great information about rental cars, airports, hotels, and other important details. If you need to calculate more distances between other cities, you can find online calculators that will instantly tell you exactly how many kilometers and miles lie between each location. Driving from Texas to Mississippi may be more enjoyable if you stretch the trip out over two days, stopping at a midpoint to rest and relax.

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