How Far Is The Sky From The Ground?


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Roughly 49-50 miles from the ground until you hit outerspace. A plane flies roughly about 6-7 miles from the ground. Hopefully this helps.
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To find the distance of sky from the earth, first you should know what we call the is simply space above or below the earth.more precisely,we call sky to the everlasting space surrounding the earth.also scientifically,to measure the distance you should have two well defined fixed points but for space or sky, you do have your one end point on the earth but another point is not the distance between the earth and space can't be measured although distance between planets and galaxies in space is measured in pascal and light years in case two end points are well defined.
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I guess it depends on how you define what the sky is. If you mean our atmosphere, that begins at ground level, and goes up to infinity. There is no real boundary between the atmosphere and you go up, it merely gets thinner and thinner. Even the "hard" vacuum of space has SOME gas and particles.. Merely very ratified.

If by the sky you mean that visible blue dome overhead, that is the ozone which is found in the stratosphere, ranging between 6.21 and 31.1 miles above the surface.

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