What Is A Red Card For Working In Australia?


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A red card is a specific type of card that is given to people who are certified in certain areas of work. Specifically, a red cardholder means that this person works in fields that include bricklayers, asphalters, road workers, carpenters, installers, civil labourers, and plant operators and has taken the safety course related to these areas of work. These areas of work also include the construction and engineering industry.

A red card is the general certified safety system used only in Australia. It does not apply anywhere else and it varies state to state. There is a green card that is a safety / OHS requirement that certifies those wanting to work in the construction site in several Australian states. The green card certification applies in Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales.

Some states in Australia also use the blue card, which means there has been a criminal background check performed. The state looks for criminal convictions, any child pornography charges, or rape charges. The blue card is usually used in relations to those wishing to work with children.

Each card covers different safety aspects as well as varying industries and is not the same from state to state in Australia. A certified red cardholder in one Australian state may find his red card invalid in another Australian state. It is best to certify yourself in the state in which you intend to work. So having a red card means that as a red cardholder, you have met certain training criteria or you have taken tests and have passed other forms of safety training.
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The cards mean you have met certain criteria in training or
passed other forms of testing. In some states in Australia a
blue card means your background has been checked to see if
you have ever been involved in rape, child pornography, and your
criminal record is clear. If you pass you can get a blue card to
work with children. A red card is used in the engineering and
construction industry to make sure you know about
occupational safety and health rules.
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Is my blue card acceptable for a red card

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