How Far Apart Should Apple Trees Be Planted?


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There are a number of different types of apple tree, and which one you want to grow will determine the optimum distance apart.  Similarly, the desired use of the tree and how you want your garden to look will help you decide.  If you want the apple tree as part of an orchard, you will want to grow them as close together as possible to maximise the yield, whereas if you want them to look good, plant one on it's own in a large space, with nothing close by.  Apple trees are best planted during the winter - between December and March - but avoiding ties when the ground is frozen or thee is great danger of frost.  This allows time or the trees to establish themselves before the spring and summer growing season.  Planting later in spring or summer will be difficult without disturbing the tree for that year. So is best avoided.  Most fruit trees grow best in cool, moist, airy, sunny and frost-free positions, conditions that are usual found in the east or west of gardens.  Try avoid planting trees in windy or very dry positions as pests and diseases might be greater problems along with 'wind rock', where the roots move around as the trees moves in the wind.  Trees should be staked to support them for some time after planting.  Many trees are delivered from growers in what is called the bare-root state, so there is no soil surrounding the root structure.  These should be planted immediately to ensure they do not dry out, or get damaged in any other way. Trees grown in containers need removing from their containers prior to planting.  Make sure the hole into which the tree goes is much deeper than the roots, apply fertilizer to help the roots get established and water in well.Dwarf apple trees should be planted 6 - 9 feet/2 - 3 metres apart. These will grow to heights of 10 - 15 feet/3 - 5 metres.  Semi-dwarf apple trees should be planted at 12 - 14 feet/4 - 5 metres and will grow to 16 - 19 feet/4 - 5 metres.  Full standard trees should be planted 16 -18 feet/5 - 6 metres apart and will grow to 18 feet/6 metres. There are a number of upright, columnar apple varieties that are really a single stem of a tree that grows vertically, rather than spreading horizontally.  These can be grown 3 feet/1 metre apart an grow to around 10 feet/3 metres high.
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The distance between apple trees is determined by their kind and variety. Dwarf apple trees must ve planted 5-7 feet apart whereas Semi-dwarf apple trees must be planted 12-14 feet apart and large semi-dwarf apple trees should be planted 16-18 feet apart.
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hi i just planted apple tree, it says on the tag they grow about 10 to 12 feet tall and 10 to 12 feet wide I'm not sure how far apart to plant them. i went with 15 feet apart do you think that's enough space?
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My apple tree is going to grow 15 feet how far apart should I plant them

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