How Did The Caribbean Get Its Name?


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The Caribbean islands get their name from one of the indigenous tribes that inhabit the islands, namely the Caribe (Karibe)/Tainos tribe. According to the history of the Caribbean, the Caribe/Tainos people have apparently evolved from the earth and originally lived in caves. The supreme deity of the Caribe/Tainos people is known as the Earth Mother. In the local language, she is called Atabei, and is widely believed to be the goddess of fertility.

Atabei is the mother of Yucahu Bagua Marocoti. He is the supreme or absolute being of the Caribe/Taino people. He neither has a father nor a beginning. Yucahu is a similar concept to the Maya belief in the monotheistic absolute being named Hunab K'you. There is a strong Mayan and Latin American influence in the Caribbean. The Caribbean islands are a group of islands where people belonging to different races living in harmony. The Caribbean islands have, from time to time, been visited by colonizers from different European countries, such as the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands.      
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When Spanish explorers arrived in America from Europe, they called the sea in which they discovered the islands “Mar Caribe” after the North American people called the Caribes, who lived there. This is how the Caribbean Sea got its name.
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The Caribbean Islands got their name from Arab sailors who were with Columbus. In Arabic, Caribbean is from " karibeen" which means close by or near, as the Islands were near the shores of the continent.

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