Can You List Some Of The Largest Companies In Brazil?


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A list of Brazil's largest corporations was published by Exame, which is possibly the Brazil's most important Business and Economy magazine. Their rating was based on the volume of sales. It however excluded financial companies, like banks. According to its rating Petrobras was number one with sales of 38,441(millions of US dollars), BR Distribuidora was rated as second with sales of 10,567, Telemar came third, Telefonica fourth, and Ambev in fifth place.

Forbes magazine's last survey about the world's greatest companies revealed that, of the top 2,000 companies, 44 were Latin American, with Brazil leading the group, with 19 Brazilian companies. Among the Latin American companies, Brazil again had four of the top five positions. Oil company, Petrobras was again in the first place, and in second place was the bank Bradesco. The Bank of Brazil held fourth place while fifth place was held by mining company Vale do Rio Doce.

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