Can You List Some Famous Colombians?


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There is a huge list of famous Colombians.
Some of the famous Colombians in the sports category are Diego Rosero, Juan Pablo Angel, Andres Escobar, Carlos Valderrama, Juan Pablo Montoya, to name a few. Under th Science category some of the famous people were, Francisco José de Caldas, Emilio J. Yunis, Andrés Jaramillo Botero and Carlos Eduardo Caicedo-Carvajal.
Some of the most renowned colombian writers are, Gabriel García Márquez ( a noble prize winner in the year 1982 in literature), Josefa Acevedo de Gomez ( a poet), Eduardo Caballero Calderón, Rafael Moreno Durán and Adolfo León Gómez ( a poet).

In the entertaintment category, under international TV and cinema some of the renowned actors are, Stella Arroyave, Anthony Hopkins's wife, Greg Giraldo, stand-up comedian and TV personality, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Oscar-nominated actress and Rodrigo Garcia, TV and Movie Director, to name a few.

Some of the fanous colombian musicians are Grupo Niche Salsa, Los Hermanos Zuleta singer/songwriter (Vallenato), Los De Adentro (Latin American Rock) and Aterciopelados musical group.

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