How Big Is Italy Compared To California?


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In the grand scheme of things, the size of Italy compared to the state of California in the USA is actually marginally similar. This is when you compare those two as opposed to the size of Italy compared to somewhere like Canada.
Let's look at miles first. The area of Italy in square miles is 116,345 square miles. California houses a square mileage sum of 163,707. California is one of the largest states and is of course not a country in its own right, yet Italy is and is still smaller than California. Compared to other countries, Italy is very small, and compared to California, it is just over 47 thousand miles larger.
When it comes to shape, Italy of course has the most unique shape as its form is known widely as the 'boot'. On a map, Italy may appear longer, but California carries many more square miles within its slightly dented looking oblong form.
California is actually the third biggest state in America and is proud of its Mount Whitney, the highest point above sea level in California, standing 14,495 feet above the ocean.
When it comes to height above sea level, Italy's beautiful Mont Blanc is slightly higher at 15,577 feet so just because California is much larger, it doesn't mean that the largest landforms can be found there, as Italy is home to numerous ranges and mountains.
Italy is the tenth largest country in Europe, just slightly smaller than neighbour Poland and Norway and over 7000 square kilometres are covered in water.
So in short, the state of California is over 47,000 square miles larger than the European country Italy.
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Interesting question - similar in shape obviously, but size?

Italy's square mileage: 116345

California's square mileage 163707 (47,362 more than Italy)

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