What License Do I Need To Import Gold Into The USA?


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Importing gold such as coins, jewellery, medals and bullion is possible into the USA. However, it is prohibited to bring gold originating from Cuba, Sudan and Iran.

Office of Foreign Assets Control
FinCEN 105 form
General information

The US Department of the Treasury is where you will find the Terrorism and Financial Intelligence sector. It is here you will find the Office of Foreign Assets Control. This is where economic and trade sanction are administered and enforced. The policies are set up in order to combat terrorism, international traffickers, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and other threats to national security.

Form FinnCEN 105 needs to be completed in order to import gold worth over $10,000 into the US. It is entitled ‘Report of International Transportation of Currency or Monetary Instruments’ and a copy of the form can be found here: . You will need to declare the exact amount of currency or monetary instrumentation you are planning to import and for what reason, You are also required to provide your basic contact details.

General information for importing gold into the US is that copies of gold coins are prohibited if they are not properly marked by the country they originated from. As a result, importing counterfeit coins is strictly prohibited. Currently, there is no duty on gold coins, medals or bullion but they must be declared to a Customs and Border Protection (CBO) Officer.

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