What Is The Distance Between Japan And Korea?


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The air travel distance from Japan to the Republic of Korea is 942.71 kilometers, or 585.77 miles.  If you travel by airplane from Japan to Korea at an average speed of 560 miles per hour, you’ll arrive at your destination in 1.05 hours.  To be even more specific, the flight distance from Tokyo, Japan, to Seoul, South Korea, is 1,159 kilometers, or 720 miles.

Flying isn’t the only way to travel between Japan and Korea.  If you’re not prone to seasickness, a 24-hour ferry trip by sea by is available between Japan and Korea because of their close geographic proximity.  The ferry route from Busan, formerly Pusan, South Korea, to Shimonoseki, Japan, is a popular and inexpensive route.  Daily ferries leave Busan in the evening and arrive in Shimonoseki the next morning.  Ferries also serve other cities between Japan and Korea.

In general, ferry reservations may be made up to three months prior to the departure date.  Foreign travellers must make reservations over the telephone and provide the name on their passport and their date of birth.  Most ferries between Japan and Korea offer Japanese services, but services in other foreign languages, such as English, are not readily available.  Translation assistance is available through tourist information or the nationwide tourist information centre.

If air travel is not for you, and you’re too pressed for time to take an overnight ferry, you may opt to journey by hydrofoil in three hours from Busan to Fukuoka, Japan.  By contrast, the daily ferry service from Busan to Fukuoka takes 15 hours.
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It only takes around 55 minutes from the port of Fukuoka to Pusan Korea by ferry boat which I travelled twice, not far at all.
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The shortest distance between North Korea and Japan is in the region of 200 miles.
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The distance between the Island of Tsushima, the closest inhabited Japanese island to Korea, and the Korean Coast is an estimated 65 km (about 40 miles). I cannot yet ascertain if there are any smaller uninhabited islands in between.
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The distance between Japan and Korea is 5139.68 kilometers (3193.74 miles).

Japan, also known as "the land of the rising sun", has a total area of 377,835 sq km, of which, 374,744 sq km is covered by land and 3,091 sq km is covered by water. It is an island county located in East Asia. It lies to the east of Russia, China and Korea. It consists of four major islands, Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. The capital city of Japan is Tokyo.

Korea is located on the Korean Peninsula in North East Asia. It is surrounded by two countries and three big seas. It is currently seprated as Noth Korea and South Korea. To the northwest is China, to the northeast is Russia, while to the southeast acroos the Korea Strait, lies Japan.

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