How Many Miles Is America From Japan?


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The distance between America and Japan is about 8821 kilometres or 5481 miles. If one considers a distance between Los Angeles city (America) and Tokyo city (Japan)
The distance between America and Japan may vary depending upon the source point and target point to calculate the distance. The distance may also vary depending upon the location of airports in America and Japan.

Japan is a country located in the Asian continent. It is an island country, consisting of four islands such as Honshu, Shikoku, Honshu and Hokkaido. The Sea of Japan separates Japan from the mainland of Asia. America mainly consists of North America, South America and Central America. The United States of America consists of 48 states which include Kansas, Iowa, New York, Mississippi, Hawaii, Florida, Alaska Wyoming, Ohio, Colarado and many other states.

If you would like to get more information and if you want to view the direction maps of US, UK, Australia and Africa, you can visit the following link and search the distance between any two locations on the earth by entering their names:
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The distance in miles from Seattle in Washington, USA to Tokyo Japan is 4784 miles. The distance that I have given to you is the shortest distance possible between the two places as this is the aerial distance and as the places are so distant, it is preferable to travel by flight.

When you are in Tokyo, the capital of Japan you will find it to be the most populous city is that country. The population of the greater Tokyo is about 35 million and if we take the population of the city also it stands at 8 million people.

In terms of gross domestic product also it has the largest metropolitan area in the world and for a long period of time the city has the distinction of being the most expensive city in the world.
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The distance between Boston in the United States of America to the city called Tokyo in Japan is 6735.40 miles. But when you calculate the same distance in terms of kilometres, it increases substantially in number and stands at 10839.56 kilometres.

If you are intending to travel from Boston to Tokyo, you have numerous flights available for you and the reason behind this frequent availability of flights is that the economic ties between the two countries are very strong. The presence of Japanese multinational companies in USA is deeply rooted and the multinationals from USA have reciprocated well. You can take the example of Toyota and Sony in the USA and of General Motors in Japan. As we all know that economic ties is what defines the outcome of ties between two nations, they are closely related.
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The distance between Okinawa Japan and some of the US cities is:
New York City: 7603 miles or 12234 kilometers
Chicago: 7215 miles or 11611 kilometers
Philadelphia: 7632 miles or 12281 kilometers
San Jose: 6140 miles or 9880 kilometers.
Dallas: 7416 miles or 11933 kilometers
Texas: 7628 miles or 12275 kilometers.
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The total distance from Boston to Tokyo is 6,700 miles.

This is equivalent to 10,782 kilometers or 5,822 nautical miles.

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