How Much Are Queen Elizabeth Coins Worth?


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Without knowing a few more details, such as dates, denomination, metal and country, it is almost impossible to determine how much this Queen Elizabeth coin is worth.
  • Queen Elisabeth 1 Coins
Queen Elisabeth 1 coins range in value between £75 ($123.49) and £1200 ($1,975.80), depending on condition. These coins would be dated from around 1533 to 1603.
  • Queen Elisabeth II Coins
This is where it gets really interesting, because not only is it possible for the coin to be either pre-decimal or decimal, it is also possible to be a coin from a different Commonwealth country, such as Australia or Canada, for instance.
  • Pre-Decimal Coins
Queen Elizabeth II coins from the pre-decimal era in the UK, which lasted until February 1971, can be worth anything from £0.20 ($0.33) up to around £500 ($823.25). Most of the higher values are for coins in either extra-fine or uncirculated condition. Details on UK coins can be found at Coins of the UK.
  • Decimal Coins
Decimal Queen Elizabeth II coins, in UK circulation since February 1971, again vary immensely in value, depending on denomination, year of minting, material and condition.
The 1983 NEW bronze 2p, part of a set, is worth up to £475 ($782.09) in uncirculated condition, for instance, while the 2008npg gold proof 2p is worth a mere £125 ($205.81) in comparison. Most other bronze 2p coins are worth a maximum of around £2 ($3.29).
  • Commonwealth Countries
Then, of course, there are the Queen Elizabeth II coins used in Commonwealth countries, such as Canada or Australia. Values here equally depend on age, denomination, material and condition.
To cut a long story short, the best way to get a proper valuation is to take the coin to a collector or dealer.
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I got a 1985 1 pound gold coin from queen elizabeth  wats tha value for one of them
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I have a one shilling coin dated 1562??? How much looks in good nick and how can I tell if its real?
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Queen elizabeth 1 silver groat

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