What Days Are Public Holidays In Spain?


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There are 14 public holidays in Spain and out of which four are observed on national level, namely: January 1 - New Year Day, May 1 - Labour Day, October 12 - National Day and December 12 - Christmas day.

There are other holidays also that are celebrated on regional basis. These are as follows: Epiphany, Father's Day, Good Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, St John's Day, Corpus Christi Day, St Peter's Day, St James Day, Assumption, Columbus Day, All Saints, Constitution Day and Immaculate Conception.

Public holidays are the specific for a country and its specificity shows the specific culture of a country. That is the reason why every country has different holidays in their country.

Labour Day is the only holiday that is celebrated throughout the world on one specific day and that is May 1st.

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