How do you acknowledge christmas when out in public? Do you say happy holidays or merry christmas?


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The way we pronounce them over here is to split the syllables in half > Happy Holi-days and Merry Christ-mas.Or in the case of any anti-Christmas Scrooges they say Bah ! Hum-bug !
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I'm thinking about having a bumper sticker made that says merry christ/mas to all you heathens americans. : )
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Unfortunately, no-.-
Being me I would, I'm a totally random person. But people sometimes take saying that the wrong way...
Plus, it's apparently been banned down here because it's apparently 'racist'.
Which I think it's stupid :/!
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Still doesn't stop you from saying it . I'm going to have a bumper sticker mad ethat says merry christ/mas all you heathens. : )
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1) Happy Birthday
2) Happy New Year
3) Happy Holidays during Christmas season
4) Merry Christmas on Christmas day

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