I Am 16 Right Now And I Want To Become An Air Hostess In Future So What Subject Would Be Better For Me To Take For My AS Levels?


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There is no particular subject that is required for it but still if you want to , you can take subjects related to tourism and languages. Language fluency is  very important for this job. More than subjects the more important thing is to have good general attitude and mannerism. Further you can go to thislink.
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Hey buddy!
Although there is no specific qualification is required for air hostess but still I want to suggest you some important considerations. You should have at least graduation degree. Make your communication skills more proficient and also learn at least two other foreign languages other than English like German, French. Start focusing on your personality as it is the major requirement and also maintain your physique.

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I don't think so to be a air hostess you should take a particular subject. Please do work hard and always think about your aim and do so you will get your goal/ aim one day.

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