What Is The Distance Between Longitude And Latitude Lines?


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If you are talking about the distance longitude lines are from each other and the distance latitude lines are from each other, as I would suppose you are, it depends.
When it comes to lines of longitude, they are shaped like orange slices and meet at the poles. At the equator the earth is 24,901.92 miles around. Divide that by 360 degrees and we get 69.172 miles per degree so the distance, at the equator from 0o to 1o longitude is about 69.2 miles. At the poles longitude has no meaning,
Lines of latitude are equally spaced parallel to the equator and  approximately also 69.2 miles apart.
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The distance between lines of longitude depend on your latitude.  If your latitude in degrees is 'theta', then the distance between lines of longitude are 69.172*because(theta).
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First you need to understand that longitudinal lines run east and west while latitudinal lines run north and south, therefore the lines cross and there is no distance between them.

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